Sea Grapes/Green Caviar

One of the most delectable selections of the sea, sea grapes are one of the most popular species of seaweed. Our sea grapes – also known as green caviar – are grown in the sea off central Vietnam where continuous sunshine, high salinity, and stable water temperatures create the ideal environment.


Planted directly on the ocean floor in designated ocean ponds, the sea grapes absorb nutrients and minerals from the sea. This means no chemicals are used and our sea grapes are completely natural.


Thanks to an advanced processing method, we can provide sea grapes in pouches with a six-month shelf life. To rehydrate this Caulerpa lentillifera, just add water and watch them expand back into life! Compared to other regions, our green caviar is also especially large and uniform. These factors combined with their succulent texture make our Vietnamese sea grapes popular across the world.


Naturally grown
For centuries, sea grapes have been harvested directly from the sea. With global demand for sea grapes growing, we spent years of research to develop a method to organically cultivate the sea grapes in natural conditions.


Longer shelf life
Sea grapes are notorious for their delicate nature and short shelf life. Using a high-technology salting technique, we can ensure better flavour retention, better storage even at low temperatures, and a shelf life of up to six months.


Soak to bring back to life
Putting our dried sea grapes in water brings them back to life in minutes, revitalizing their plump and juicy texture.


Large, full-flavour, great texture
Thanks to the high amount of natural minerals and strong sunlight in the seas of central Vietnam, our grapes grow larger than those in other regions with more grapes per vine and a texture which consumers prefer.


At only 4 calories per 100 grams, sea grapes are some of the healthiest foods you can enjoy from the sea! They can be enjoyed as an entrée, served along with sushi, or used to top any salad or hors d’oeuvres.

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