Black Garlic

Black garlic is made through a three-month-long process of fermentation under strictly controlled temperature and humidity. Black garlic is renowned for its soft texture and its sour and sweet taste. After fermentation, it loses the strong flavour typical of fresh garlic, meaning it can be eaten cooked or even raw.


Our black garlic is fermented directly from fresh garlic. As the garlic ferments, sugars and amino acids within the garlic produce melanoidin, a dark-colored substance which gives the newly black garlic its signature colour. The garlic retains a subtle aroma and also develops a flavor reminiscent of high-quality balsamic glazes.


Black garlic is particularly high in amino acids and its frequently touted in the medical field for its health benefits. The health benefits of consuming black garlic include: reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, detoxifying the liver, boosting the immune system, lowering the inflammatory response, fighting bacterial infections, providing an antioxidant boost to the body, and supporting a healthy heart and digestion.


The fermentation process happens over 90 days and includes:


Organic Garlic
Fresh, raw organic garlic bulbs are exposed to high temperatures and humidity for one month.


30 Days
The fermented bulbs are placed in another isolated room to continue the fermentation process.


40 Days
The organic garlic cloves slowly start to turn black, producing higher levels of antioxidants which gives the black garlic even more potent health benefits


60 Days
Much of garlic’s pungent, strong taste and smell is gone while many natural essential nutrients are retained in the bulb.


90 Days
After 90 days, the conversion from traditional garlic to black garlic has been completed, all without the use of preservatives, artificial colourings or other additives.

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