Our Country

One of the most bountiful countries on Earth, Vietnam is a land which has been blessed by God and has been around for nearly as long. Findings from Vietnamese pre-history prove that the Vietnamese ancestors were some of the world’s first cultivators of rice and agriculture.

After almost 5,000 years of history, the Vietnamese psyche is firmly imbued with a focus and a passion for agriculture. Locals relish in the opportunity to grow their own food and create quality products. The Vietnamese cuisine is slowly becoming legendary around the world as people fall for its diversity, brightness, and richness of flavor.

Vietnam’s rich, long natural coastline and its abundant mountainous regions and lush deltas make it a heavyweight player in the agriculture sphere. All varieties of products from pelagic to freshwater seafood, fruit, vegetables, and flowers abundantly flourish throughout the country. In fact, many in Vietnam say the land is so good, that you plant a seed and you can be sure it will grow!

Vietnam has always been a country with a dual focus, equally looking within and cherishing its own cultural traditions while simultaneously eager to engage with the outside world and learn from foreign cultures and peoples. This openness of the people is one of Vietnam’s greatest strengths. Vietnamese have pride to send their products to foreign lands for others to enjoy part of Vietnam’s bounty.

It must be said that Vietnam has been at the center of some negative stories about its agriculture in the past. These stories cannot be ignored nor forgotten but improved upon. The actions of a few rarely speak for the standards of many, and this is so in Vietnam. We are taking back control of Vietnam’s strong reputation and heritage of agricultural excellence. We are returning Vietnam’s to its glory and establishing the country as a game-changer of foodstuffs. VietAgri is here to help the world see Vietnam through new eyes.