Our History

VietAgri is a joint venture between two companies: Viet Hung and The Kho Group (TKG).

Viet Hung specializes in rice growing, milling, processing, and trading which has an annual turnover in excess of $100 million USD. One of the largest rice producers and exporters in Vietnam, Viet Hung mostly produces high quality rice and provides on-time delivery to clients through its own logistics company.

TKG is a privately-owned investment holdings company based in Hong Kong. TKG has grown into a global, multi-faceted organization with a diverse portfolio of investments and a significant footprint in land & property development, natural resources, hospitality, lifestyle, technology, media telecommunications, and agriculture.

Recognizing the difficulty of buyers finding suppliers they can trust and sourcing high quality products in Vietnam, we established VietAgri.

Our primary goal is to build trust with our buyers. We ensure quality products from agriculture, aquaculture, and the sea. It’s not just our promise, it’s our brand.

VietAgri works off a long-term business vision. To that goal, we are building trust in Vietnam as a country and in VietAgri as a trusted producer, supplier of all things agricultural and seafood.