Trái cây

Vietnam is located in the tropical zone of Southeast Asia, a region famous for its wide variety of delicious and succulent tropical fruits. Thanks to Vietnam’s varied and suitable climate, fruits are found in every corner of the country – from the mountainous regions of the north to the rivers and Mekong River Delta of the south.

Not only are our tropical fruits delicious, they also meet strict export criteria. This allows us to bring the tropical tastes of Vietnam to consumers all around the globe.

Some of the most popular fruits from Vietnam which we currently supply include:


Known as the “king of fruits”, no fruit is as controversial, as loved, or as reviled as the durian. This makes durian lovers even more proud to eat the large, spiky fruit with its uniquely…captivating smell.


Colloquially called the “dragon’s eye”, longan bears a light brown skin surrounding a translucent flesh which is often compared to an eye. This fruit grows throughout Vietnam and is especially plentiful during the summer.


The best lychees come from Vietnam, and after breaking off the rough, scaly skin and tasting the sweet, juicy flesh inside, the lychee is sure to be one of your favorite fruits. Its early summer harvest season is notoriously short, making the lychee one of the most rare and prized fruits from Vietnam.


Generally known for their sweetness, mangoes taste and texture vary widely depending on the season and the variety. Vietnamese and other mango eaters love to eat ripe mango fresh or blend them up in smoothies while using unripe mangoes for mango salad or for dipping in chili salt.


Commonly referred to as the “queen of fruits”, the mangosteen is a fruit with luscious, delicate white flesh which has to be eaten to be believed. A short harvest season at summer’s end makes the fruit a prize in local and foreign markets alike.

Mandarin Orange

Mandarin oranges are some of the most prized citrus fruits in the world due to their natural sweetness. Resembling a small orange, mandarins have a thin peel, making it easy to enjoy their sweet, juicy centers.


Prized across Asian cultures, pomelo has a thick rind and a juicy, slightly sweet flesh made up of thousands of tiny segments which are fun to eat one-by-one or all at once. In Asia, it is often used at family altars and later to make shrimp and pomelo salads.


Rambutan literally translates to “messy hair” in Vietnamese and it’s easy to see why. This oddlooking tropical fruit looks exotic to most people outside the tropics thanks to the hair-like soft spines covering its skin.

Star Apple

Kids often have fun when learning English to learn that the literal translation of one of their favorite fruits is “breastmilk fruit”. Growing in the warm locales of southern Vietnam, the star apple is an end-of-year fruit with a round shape and fragrantly sweet, milky-white juice, hence its name.

Tropical Fruits

Vietnam provides a diverse range of tropical fruit. If you would like to know more about a fruit which is not listed above, please contact us for more information.