Our Products

Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors in Vietnam, responsible for almost 20% of the country’s GDP. Vietnam is especially strong when it comes to rice, seafood, coffee, and cashews, among a multitude of other products.

VietAgri offers a wide range of agriculture products which meets our rigorous export criteria for both food safety and quality. We help buyers source a wide variety of agricultural goods and also specialize in four main product categories: Rice, Seafood, Fruit, and Specialty Products.

We’re experts in supplying various kinds of rice (long-grain, fragrant, glutinous), a long list of seafood products (both wild-catch and farm-raised), an extensive range of fruit (both when in-season and out-of-season), and specialty products which are good-tasting and good for our health.

Our direct connections with our trusted and vetted suppliers – most of whom are the farmers themselves – means our products arrive to you not only at the peak of freshness, but also in whatever format you prefer.

As our customers continue to demand a product, we’ll add it to our official product list. And if the product you need is not yet listed on our website, let us know. With decades of connections across all agricultural sectors in Vietnam, chances are good that we’ll know where to find it for you..