Our Market

VietAgri is both a producer and exporter of high-quality food products – from raw, unprocessed products all the way to highly-value-added products which are consumer-ready.

As Vietnam leaps into the future with the Industrial Revolution, agriculture is not being left behind. Sustainable agriculture and value-chain development have been prioritized by the government for the coming years and the private sector is envisioned/expected to play an important role in this process.

As a company, VietAgri is on-board to support the development of the agricultural sector and boost the growth of Vietnam – both at the national level and the farm level.

In terms of exporting, our products meet strict criteria to enter some of the world’s most selective markets.

To continue expanding our markets, we are looking to establish strategic partnerships with strong local players. We aim to create win-win situations where we can supply the best of Vietnamese agriculture and seafood to foreign markets and where local consumers can enjoy the best of Vietnamese agriculture and seafood.